Career Opportunities in Clinical Research

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What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a new arm of healthcare sciences opening wide range of career opportunities in India as well as for pharmaceutical & science graduates, masters. Pharmacovigilance is the most precise way for evaluation of the relevancy of Clinical Research institute in Pune.

he tests on drugs are conducted under observation whether a new innovative product performs as expected or not. There is ‘n’ number of innovative therapies generated in laboratories but very few of them survive & reach to the point of human testing. It represents a key research activity with the potential to improve the quality of health care and control costs through careful comparison of alternative treatments. Although many clinical trials are of high quality, a careful reader of the medical literature will notice that a large number have deficiencies in design, conduct, analysis, presentation, and/or interpretation of results. The Clinical Research Course of Fusion Technology Solutions is a best option to start a career in this evergreen field.

How to Start Career in Clinical Research?

Any fresher from pharmacy graduate or relevant science graduate can start their career as a clinical research professional after successful completion of the clinical research course. There are many institutes and hospitals carrying the certified clinical research training. Some institutes are also providing the placement guarantee after successful completion of the course. Fusion Technology Solutions is best institute in Pune provides best clinical research training with 100 % placement guarantee.

Candidates can also peruse the distance learning clinical research course while doing job or other education.  

Profiles in Clinical Research


Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Role- Monitor & Supervise individuals administering clinical trials. Assist with the research of pharmaceuticals, biologics and devices.

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC),

Role- Directing clinical trials alongside Principal Investigators (PI) or Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) using good clinical practice (GCP).

Data Manager

Role- Prepare protocols, reviews regulations, and otherwise helps the Senior Manager to keep the trial on track. 

Clinical Research Scientist

Role, conduct scientific tests and monitor the clinical trials.

The Clinical Quality Assurance Auditor (CQA)

Role- to inspect the documents and processes of the clinical trial to make sure that they comply with certain guidelines, known as the good clinical practice (GCP). The clinical QA auditor also needs to make sure that the trial is adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOP).

Clinical Safety Analyst

Role- to monitor, code, organize, and track the adverse events that happen during the trial, they would also be acting as an advocate for the patients.

The Medical Writer

Role- to write detail of clinical trials and prepare trial report which is going to be used by other pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physicians, and even the public.

Research Assistant – 

Role- work with the trial sponsor to ensure that patient progress is closely followed, that the recruitment of patients has produced a random sample that adverse results are properly recorded, and all other patient information is properly documented. 

Regulatory Coordinator – 

Role- make sure that regulations are followed & also ensures strict adherence to all codes of ethics, monitors procedures and then reports findings to the appropriate regulatory agencies. 

Senior Regulatory Associate – 

Role- make sure that documentation is in order and regulations are followed so that paperwork for the trial can be submitted to the FDA for approval. 

Regulatory Specialist –

Role- to help with regulatory documentation and submission, ensures adherence to Standard Operating Procedures and otherwise assists the regulatory team with all compliance matters.

CTMS (A Clinical Trial Management System) Manager – 

Role- to oversee the program that is keeping a trial organized also responsible for making sure that all elements of the trial are properly scheduled, performed and recorded, ensuring documentation of costs and risks related to the trial. 

CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) Associate –

Role- to assist the CTMS Manager in all duties. Updates the CTMS program when amendments are made and helps to uphold accuracy in reports.